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Rastelli Seafood sourcing starts in our own backyard and expands globally to maintain a steady supply of wild caught and marine raised seafood. Our product selection focuses on the most desirable locations which include commodity as well as exclusive value-added items.

We are importers, processors & innovators of unique value-added fresh and frozen seafood products.

As a valued resource for restaurateurs, top chefs and retail partners we provide the finest finfish, shellfish and chef-prepared seafood entrees for today’s market; following best practices in sustainability and seafood market economics.

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  • King Crab Legs

    King Crab Legs – Fully Cooked

    Extra-long and full of luscious chunks of sweet, white meat, our fully cooked Alaskan King Crab Legs are wild-caught in cold, Alaskan waters. Simply boil, place cooked crab and drawn butter on your best dinner plate and serve. Then dig and taste what it’s like to eat like royalty. The best tasting crabs in the sea, get them here! Forget the imitation meat.

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  • Faroe Island Salmon

    Faroe Island Salmon

    Meaty, full-flavored and nutrient-rich, our Faroe Island Salmon is sustainably raised in free-flowing pens in the North Atlantic Ocean. Simply defrost, marinate or season fillets with olive oil, salt and pepper then bake, grill or sautee. Good tasting, good for you and good for the planet, makes Faroe Island Salmon your ideal go-to fish. Don’t plan on visiting the Faroe Islands? We got you covered. We’ll deliver the salmon right to your door!

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  • Pangasius


    Mild, white, flaky and buttery, our Pangasius fillets are sustainably raised in Southeast Asia. Simply defrost, marinate or season as you please, then bake or sautee. French, Asian or Indian, this versatile, affordable pangasius catfish will easily take on the flavors of your favorite cuisine!

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  • Wild Flounder

    Wild Flounder

    Flounder has long been a family favorite, and why not? It’s mild, white, flaky and, well…..delicious. Our Atlantic Flounder is all-natural and wild-caught in Holland. Defrost, then bread and bake, fry, or pan sautee just like mom used to make or still makes! Serves with some fresh veggies and you got yourself a mighty meal!

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