Product Videos
The 2+2 Center of the Plate (COP) Program features 2 Meat and 2 Seafood items each month that are optimally priced and relevant to your customers. Our 2+2 videos provide training to ensure your team is knowledgeable, confident and prepared.
  • Featured Items will be selected based on…
    • Seasonal and Calendar Relevance
    • Market Data and Trends
    • Value to the Customer
  • Use 2+2 tools for training of…
    • Servers and Hosts
    • Kitchen Staff
    • General Managers
    • Customer Service Personnel
 The National Sales Program highlights Rastelli products that are available through distributors nationwide.

Current Month
Red Snapper
Center Cut Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon), Select
Cowboy Steak
Crab Cakes
Salmon Burger
Black Tiger Shrimp
Rock Fish
Cobia Fish
Ebi Fried and Breaded Shrimp
White Perch
Hybrid Striped Sea Bass
Chilean Sea Bass
Tilapia Filets
Faroe Islands Salmon

European Half Chicken


3-Bone Short Rib


Wagyu Kobe Burgers


Machine Cut Beef Cubes


Preferred and No-Roll Tenderloins


Veal Rib Chop


Turkey Burger


Ribeye Steaks


Hanger Steak


T-Bone Steaks


Center Cut Strip Steaks


Head Steak

National Program

Semi-Boneless Turkey


Rastelli's Fully Cooked Items




Cooked Meteor Turkey Wings


Frenched Pork Rib Chop