Pureland Premium Pork

Pureland Premium Pork specializes in the chef-preferred Duroc Hog and chooses the optimum genetic traits to produce consistent, high-quality pork color, texture and flavor. The Pureland Premium Pork system selects strategically located farm sites to optimize management, health and nutrition control resulting in higher-quality pork products.

With strict control of feed manufacturing facilities, nutritionists develop grain-based proprietary rations designed to maximize nutrition at every stage of animal growth. Unsurpassed documentation, superior traceability, limited antibiotic use and withdrawal times exceeding government regulations create antibiotic residue-free pork.

Sample Products

Pureland Pork New York Strip Steak
Pork New York Strip make for an exciting addition to any menu. Center cut, lean, with a rich marble score, they're sure to be a favorite with your customers.

Pureland Pork Cowboy Steak
Our Pork Cowboy Steaks are truly something special. The frenched bone adds that special flare, all the while lending a little extra special flavor to this moist and juicy steak.

Pureland Pork Boneless Center Cut Loin
Pureland Boneless Center Cut Pork Loins are the perfect menu solution for any application. Nicely trimmed, they make for a great buffet carver, boneless chops, or even kabobs.

Pureland Pork Porterhouse Steak
Just like it's beef counterpart, Pureland Pork Porterhouse Steaks deliver that unmistakable on-the-bone flavor that we all love. Simply season and grill for a hearty dining experience!

Pureland Center Cut Frenced Rack
With the flexibility of roasting whole or cutting into thick juicy chops, our Center Cut Frenched Racks are a great menu addition.