Suma Trading

Suma Trading is a US based company specializing in the export of consumer sized canned and packaged foods, frozen foods, dairy products, meats and health and beauty aids. We are the SUPERMARKET FOR THE WORLD; supplying various military forces and retail supermarkets around the world.

Suma Trading has the capabilities to supply high volume demands from both of our temperature controlled storage and dry, 180,000 sq. ft. secured warehouses. Our translators to convert ingredient statements in several foreign languages, abiding by the laws of each country we serve.

Suma Trading LLC is dedicated to ongoing customer partnerships to offer and ensure market leading products with the lowest possible cost at the highest level of service. Our team takes pride in their ability not only to respond to market shifts and customer requests, but to continually offer new, exciting and innovative products so to offer our customers and edge over their competitors.

Company Contacts:

Lud Cabaccang
Commercial Export Director

[email protected]

Steve Sidhwa
[email protected]