100% Plants. 0% Cow.

Moving Mountains® is a big, bold and powerful metaphor that maps to the brand’s massive and seemingly impossible goal of living in harmony on a sustainable planet, as well as a daily affirmation in the form of the plant based diet, food and human health. Together, we can build a better world. Together we can move mountains.

Starting with the Moving Mountains® Burger, Simeon, the founder & CEO of Moving Mountains®, spent two years in development laboratories with a dedicated team of scientists and chefs to create the ideal tasting product. Hundreds of recipes have been tried and tested to achieve the final result of the burger that’s available for everyone today.

Not stopping there, Moving Mountains® has developed a game-changing Hot Dog made from sunflower seeds and is developing further plant-based meat products that can be enjoyed by all!

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  • The Moving Mountains® Sausage

    We have developed a plant-based pork sausage, which flawlessly imitates a traditional sausage flavor, which during testing trials even had Butchers fooled!

    Each Sausage contains zero cholesterol, is free-from hormones, antibiotics and is packed with plant protein. It is also bursting with flavor!

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  • The Moving Mountains® Burger

    Delve into a guilt-free trip of indulgence with one Bite Into The Future™ – 100% plant 0% cow, with The Moving Mountains® Burger.

    Although the Burger is made from plants it’s unlike any other veggie burger. Never have plants tasted so damn good. Never has a burger tasted so delicious without the loss of a single animal life. Smell it when raw. Watch it Sizzle in the pan just like an actual beef patty. It’s barely distinguishable!

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  • Moving Mountains® Slider

    The Moving Mountains® Slider is a 2oz version of our Moving Mountains® Burger – smaller, but just as meaty and delicious! The Moving Mountains® Slider is great for smaller appetites, catering venues, mixed platters, restaurant starters, children’s menus, and public sector catering.

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  • Moving Mountains® Hot Dog

    The Moving Mountains Hot dog is a revolutionary Hot Dog unlike any other plant-based frankfurter on the market. Food technology, incredible scientific processes, local natural ingredients and a lot of hard work are responsible for creating this game-changing Hot Dog.

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