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Through direct ownership & proprietary partnerships with suppliers, we ensure quality and safety at all points of distribution. From our cattle to your plate, we guarantee the highest quality product. Learn More About Us
Bone In Filet at Pietro's Prime Chef Features View Featured Partners Veal Chop Bone In Pepperoncini Havertown We love showing off the dishes that fantastic chefs make with Rastelli Foods. Every few months we pick a chef and a restaurant to feature. View all of our Featured Partners, and see the latest article available!

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Rastelli is proud to announce that we were named QVC's Vendor of the Year for 2020 Shop Rastelli on QVC
Sustainable Catch Seafood Confidence in knowing where fish is caught and sourced is very important. Rastelli Seafood comes only from safe and licensed commercial vessels and ports, where sustainability for future generations is achieved. Rastelli Seafood Sustainability Meets Quality Rastelli Foods Product Variety A Family of Great Food Ray and Tony Rastelli are the quintessential entrepreneurs; building one small storefront into a global business. Together, they have managed to create substantial growth while keeping a family-oriented, small business feel. Watch The Rastelli Video

Rastelli Foods Group


Rastelli Foods Group has been an industry leading corporation supplying the highest quality food products and service since 1976. Our brands can be found in the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions, and retail markets for all families to savor and enjoy.


Business to Business Organizations

Ecommerce Business

Retail Markets

Food Service


Rastelli Market Fresh


Direct to Consumer

Our retail grocery concept—a food-lover’s haven packed with all the essentials and premium products you need to prepare delicious family meals, stock your pantry, host a dinner party or simply grab and go.

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Rastelli Foods


Business to Business

Rastelli Foods showcases our fine quality beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry and game products as well as our full line of kitchen-ready foods for use in the food service, institutional and retail markets.

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Rastelli Global


Food Service & More

Rastelli Global is responsible for the sales of products and services from Rastelli Food Group to associated companies in the MENA and Asia regions with a focus on the supply of products to commercial operators.

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Rastelli Seafood


Restaurants & Retail Partners

As a valued resource for restaurateurs, top chefs and retail partners we provide the finest finfish, shellfish and chef-prepared seafood entrees for today’s market; following best practices in sustainability.

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From humble beginnings in a small retail store called The Meat Stop, to a vertically integrated, global food services company, Rastelli Foods Group has been at the center of food management since 1976. Brothers, Ray and Tony Rastelli have built a thriving and multi-faceted family of companies with a focus on superior quality, food health and safety.

As an industry leading corporation supplying the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions, and retail markets with high quality food products, service to the community and our customer base is what makes Rastelli Foods Group a success.

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