Rastelli Foods Group has been at the center of food management since 1976. We are an industry leading corporation supplying the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions, and retail markets with the highest quality food products and service. Since our inception, we have expanded our operation of eight retail locations to three high quality, USDA inspected processing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Rastelli Foods Group is a world-class provider of products that set the standard in taste, quality, cleanliness, and safety from each of our food processing plants. We take ownership of the production process; hand trimming, processing and packing in our state-of-the-art facilities. Through direct ownership or proprietary partnership; we select the finest products for our customers and carefully monitor quality throughout all of the steps needed to fulfill orders.

All this growth came from one family with big dreams and a plan to make it happen. Read the feature on the Rastelli family in the Philadelphia Business Journal to see a more personal side of growth within a family business. Read it here »

Today, commercial clients are able to expand their food product offerings with an extensive menu of gourmet meats, seafood, heat and serve items, desserts and gift packages through our national home delivery program.

Our Process

At Rastelli Foods Group, quality assurance begins with Vertical Integration. Through direct ownership and/or proprietary partnerships with suppliers, we ensure quality and safety at all points of distribution. This program results in safer, higher quality products direct to our customers.

Safe, high-quality products start with the compassionate treatment of farm animals. This is incredibly important us at Rastelli Foods Group.

Vertical Integration

Rastelli Foods Black Angus

Vertical Integration

Feed Lot

Vertical Integration

Harvest Facility

Vertical Integration

USDA-Certified Processing Plant

Vertical Integration

Shipping Direct to Consumer

Sourced from the finest locations.

Our meats and fish come from the best farms and waterways where the animals are raised with care and harvested humanely.


#1 Food Brand (Meat & Seafood)
2020 Top 100 Processors
Meat + Poultry
2019 Best Burger (Rastelli’s)
2019 Best Seafood (Egg Harbor Seafood)
2019 Most Recommended Brand
2018 Family Business Award
The Inquirer
2018 Processor of the Year
National Provisioner

2016 Top 100 Companies

Meat + Poultry
2015 Plant of the Year
National Provisioner

Quality Assurance

Safety · Quality · State-of-the-Art Facilities

Here at Rastelli Foods Group we are committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees, subcontractors, vendors and customers. No single facet of our day-to-day operation is of greater importance. We have best-in-class safety related training, top of the line equipment and instill our core safety values in all members of this organization. We strive for an accident-free workplace while maintaining the highest level of quality that has been a trademark of Rastelli Foods Group since its founding.

Rastelli Foods Group

  • 150,000 sq/ft modern meat and seafood processing plant located in Swedesboro, New Jersey
  • USDA, FDA, FoodChek™ and SQF certified sourcing, harvesting, processing, and packaging
  • Leader in food safety; including ozonated water systems and daily pathogen batch tests to ensure overall wholesomeness.
NJ Facility

Rastelli Global

  • 110,000 sq/ft USDA certified consolidation and fulfillment center in Dubai and Bahrain.
  • Centrally located near 4 major airports and within 1 1/2 hours from 2 major seaports for export.
  • Order management; including USDA inspections, veterinary signings, legalization of documents, foreign label translations, container shipment optimization and global logistics.
Rastelli Global


“Anyone can cut a steak. But by designing, and building, and now operating a great plant, we can differentiate ourselves in the business.”

– Ray Rastelli –