COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation

Rastelli Foods Group is taking serious safety & sanitation precautions amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Today, more than ever, SAFETY is all of our first concern.


Stricter food and employee safety procedures have been put in place at all Rastelli Foods Group companies to ensure that we go beyond the CDC recommended guidelines. Here are the everyday and additional preventative safety precautions that we are taking:

  1. Complete equipment and production room break-downs for extensive cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing. Performed daily.
  2. Temperature checked on each employee when they enter the building. Conducted by a certified medical professional.
  3. All employees are issued and required to wear surgical grade masks for safe food handling.
  4. Social distancing is monitored across all staff, and we added additional covered outdoor seating for breaks and lunches.
  5. EPA approved antiviral mitigation applied to production, office and welfare areas – Up to 3 times daily.


We cannot prevent COVID-19 or other diseases from affecting our team members 100% of the time, but we always have and always will give 100% effort to protect our employees and customers.


Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times, and above all else, stay safe.



The Rastelli Family


Rastelli Foods Group is taking serious safety & sanitation measures amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.