Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, located in the lush Brandywine Valley is an area filled with rustic beauty and serves as home to the Chadds Ford Tavern. Despite its proximity to the cities of Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE, Chadds Ford remains a quiet, semi-rural township with tons of historical charm.

It is there that the Chadds Ford Tavern occupies a 215 year-old building along the bustling Baltimore Pike. And, while the building may bear all the trappings of a historic landmark, the bar and tavern inside boast an exciting menu that blends classic comfort with modern cuisine.

Chef Philip Ferro at Chadds Ford Tavern

Chef Philip Ferro, along with partners Chet and Raj Patel – brothers and owners of the Brandywine River Hotel, set out to keep the tavern feel that the Chadds Ford Tavern was known for under its former owner, while adding upscale fare for the area’s thriving foodie clientele.

When Ferro took the helm, he already had a number of successful Delaware County restaurants in operation. With more than 24 years of experience in the food industry and an understanding that the right partners and providers could make or break the success of Chadds Ford Tavern, he turned to Rastelli Foods Group when it was time to source the perfect menu items.

The Tenderloin Trio at Chadds Ford Tavern

The Tenderloin Trio is one of the tavern’s best items and features Rastelli’s Trilogy of 3oz. Beef, Pork and Veal Medallions (Item # 5343041). Below Chef Ferro shares his famed preparations for Black and Blue Beef Filet, Veal Oscar with Asparagus Tips and Spice Crusted Pork with Apple and Bacon Jam.

Black & Blue Beef Filet

Season Filet Medallion with Cajun spices and sear in a very hot cast-iron skillet (4 minutes per side). Set aside to rest.

1 tsp Chopped Garlic
¼ Cup Pinot Grigio
1 Cup Heavy Cream
½ Cup Bleu Cheese Crumbles
1Tbsp Grated Parmesan
1 Tbsp Chopped Parsley

Lightly sauté garlic. Deglaze with wine. Add heavy cream and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat and whisk in bleu cheese and parmesan. Serve with Filet and top with parsley.

Veal Oscar with Asparagus Tips and Bearnaise

Season Veal Medallion with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. Sear in a very hot cast iron pan for 4 minutes per side. Set aside to rest.

3 egg yolks
1 Cup Clarified butter
1 Tbsp Minced Shallot
1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tbsp Chopped Thyme
1 Tbsp Chopped Rosemary
1 Tbsp Chopped Chive

Whisk egg yolks over a water bath while slowly streaming clarified butter to create an emulsification. Add shallot, vinegar and herbs. Serve Veal Medallion with Asparagus Tips and Bearnaise.

Spice Crusted Pork with Apple and Bacon Jam

1 tsp Chipotle Powder
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Smoked Paprika
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 Tbsp Kosher Salt
1 tsp black pepper

Combine all spices for spice rub. Season pork heavily with spice rub andear pork in a very hot cast iron skillet for 4 minutes per side. Set aside to rest.

½ Cup Brunoise Granny Smith Apple
¼ Dark Brown Sugar
1 tsp Pure Vanilla
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 Up Demi-Glace
2 Tbsp Whole Butter

Sauté apples with brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon until al dente. Add demi-glace and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat and whisk in whole butter to enrich and finish the sauce. Serve with Spice Crusted Pork.