Wild Caught Keta Salmon (item #9119899) is the newest addition to our seafood menu and a featured item for this month. Keta Salmon is a product of the USA – fished in cool, crisp Northern Pacific waters – primarily in southeast Alaska and Prince William Sound. Our all natural, once-frozen Keta Salmon comes in firm, 5 oz skin-on portions (1/10 lb.) for quick and easy preparation.


New Featured Item Wild Caught Keta Salmon Rastelli Foods Group

Wild Caught Keta Salmon is the newest item from Rastelli Foods Group

The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission notes that Keta is the second-most abundant salmon species in the north Pacific region, making it both sustainable and affordable due to its availability. When handled properly, both on the boat and as it is being processed, Keta Salmon can anchor a high-quality seafood dish that offers menu flexibility.

While Keta Salmon has a lower fat and oil content then some of its more flavorful counterparts, it takes well to bold marinades and spices. Traditional methods of preparation for fattier salmon run the risk of drying out the lean Keta Salmon variety and must be served very rare. While a light smoke or cedar plank grill will add additional taste, marinades and aromatic broths will help the fillet retain its moisture and infuse additional complexity to the flavor without overpowering.

Due to its key differences from other types of salmon such as Sockeye, King or Faroe Island, Wild Caught Keta Salmon lends itself to unexpected salmon preparations.

Soup Suggestions:

  • Nordic Lohikeitto, a creamy soup of salmon, potatoes, leeks and dill
  • Asian-style Salmon, Ginger and Lemongrass soup
  • Comforting Salmon Chowder

Small Plate Suggestions:

  • Salmon Cucumber Bites with Yogurt Dill
  • Salmon Greek Salad

Entree Suggestions:

  • Teriyaki Salmon Bento
  • Lemon Dill Salmon with Wild Rice
  • Ras El Hanout Rubbed Salmon with Dried Fruit Cous Cous

However you choose to prepare it, Wild Caught Keta Salmon will not disappoint.